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Last updated 18th June 2020

We have been given guidance by the Scottish Chief Dental Officer to re-open the practice on Monday 22nd June. We are delighted to be able to see patients again for face to face appointments. 

We have put together information on the measures we are putting in place for your safety at Duddingston Dental Practice. These procedures are based on the latest guidance from our governing bodies and the Scottish Government. It is not known at this time whether these procedures are temporary or whether they will become a permanent feature of the way dental practices must be run to ensure patient and staff safety in the future.  The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is still being evaluated and studied and policies and recommendations are likely to change in line with new scientific evidence over time.  

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and understanding through an incredibly difficult time both for you and the team here at Duddingston Dental Practice.

We have put these measures in place for your safety, our safety and the safety of those around us. We greatly appreciate your assistance with any new or modified procedures at the practice. Please take time to read the information as it is there to protect us all.

Initial Appointments

We will initially only be able to see anyone who requires urgent dental care and will be prioritising those who have had dental emergencies throughout the practice closure. This is part of our phased return to dentistry as set out by the Scottish Chief Dental Officer.  Please note we will still be able to offer advice through our telephone triaging service with one of our dentists.  The next phase will be to see patients for routine appointments such as dental examinations.  We are still not able to carry out any treatment that creates an aerosol so initially we will only be able to provide temporary treatment and will then provide the permanent treatment when we are allowed to do so.

Protective Measures

We are doing everything we can to minimise the transmissions risks of COVID-19.

  • The practice will be locked and opened only to those with an appointment. Please do not attend without an appointment as we will not be able to see you.
  • The practice will look a little different; we will have screens at our Front Desk to protect you and our team and it will look a little empty as we have removed all unnecessary items.
  • We ask that you attend your appointment alone unless you require an essential accompanying person such as a carer or parent/guardian of a child.
  • Please bring as little with you to your appointment as possible, essential items only.
  • We will look a little different when you arrive for your appointment as we will already be wearing our PPE, we promise it is our usual smiling faces underneath!
  • Please note our toilet facilities are closed unless in an emergency, please bear this in mind before attending!
  • We are limited to a certain number of patients we can see in a session and are only allowed to run one surgery. This is to minimise the number of people in the building at one time to facilitate social distancing. This may mean you have to wait slightly longer for an available appointment, please be patient with us.
  • We are currently able to run contactless appointments with regard to the usual paperwork we ask you to complete. Please make sure we have your up to date email address.

Please watch our Patient Pathway video which will show you what to expect when attending your appointment click here.

Prior to your appointment

During your triage phone call with one of our dentists and prior to booking you an appointment we will assess the following:

  • Are you shielding or in a vulnerable group?
  • Assess your COVID-19 Status and that of any essential accompanying person.
  • Discuss the treatment available to you.
  • How you are arriving for your appointment?
  • Any other information that we require that will make your visit as straightforward as possible.

We are aware that the use of face coverings has been very difficult for those who are deaf and we will very much take this into consideration when arranging appointments. We also have plans in place for our more elderly patients who require assistance attending appointments and those who do not correspond using email.

Once your appointment is booked, we will send you the following:

  • An email confirming your appointment time. This will contain information reminding you about the measures in place when attending your appointment and our practice video showing these in place.
  • An email containing your Medical Form to be updated online. This must be done prior to your appointment.
  • We are asking all patients to call the practice on the given number when they arrive but to wait in their car or if travelling on public transport/by foot to wait away from the practice. We will re-check your COVID-19 status at this point.
  • When the dentist is ready to see you, we will call you to ask you to come to the front door of the practice.
  • You will be met by one of our Dental Nurses and given Alcohol Based Hand Rub to use as you enter the building. The nurse will take you straight through to the surgery.
  • After your appointment the nurse will take you back to the front desk area where you will be provided with Alcohol Based Hand Rub to use again and then escorted out of the building.
  • Any further appointments or paperwork will be discussed over the phone and sent via email.
  • If you have ordered any Oral Care Products these will be given to you in the surgery.


The safety of our patients and our team has always been our highest priority. Dentistry is one of the most strictly governed professions in the country and outside of a medical theatre has one of the highest standards of Infection Control across any profession. Keeping our patients and ourselves safe is something we do to a very high standard every day; this is not new to us. We are here to keep you safe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions via email or phone. Follow us on social media and visit our website for the latest information and updates.

With best wishes

Stuart and The Duddingston Dental Practice Team